Alignment to the UNSDGs

Support for the UNSDGs through Open Engineering Solutions


At Helpful Engineering, we believe in the power of collaborative and open-source engineering to create a better, more sustainable world. Through our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), we actively pursue innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges. We recognize that each UNSDG presents unique problems requiring a diversity of expertise, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. This is where our mission aligns: leveraging the synergies between open engineering and the UNSDGs to produce lasting impact.

Why Open Engineering?

Open engineering fosters an environment where innovation thrives. By making our solutions transparent, replicable, and accessible:

  1. Accelerated Innovation: Ideas and designs are shared, improved upon, and implemented faster.
  2. Broad Reach: Solutions can be adapted and deployed anywhere in the world, ensuring maximum impact.
  3. Inclusive Development: Communities, regardless of resources, can contribute to and benefit from open-source projects.

Collaboration Mechanisms

Partnership with Organizations

By partnering with various organizations, we tap into a diverse pool of resources, skills, and perspectives. Our partners range from grassroots communities to global entities, all united by a common goal: advancing the UNSDGs.

  • Joint Projects: Co-developing solutions for the strategic challenges laid out by the UNSDGs.
  • Resource Sharing: Pooled funds, expertise, and tools to ensure projects are well-equipped.

Engaging Academia

The academic community is a reservoir of cutting-edge knowledge and research. Collaborating with institutions provides:

  • Research Insights: Drawing from academic research to inform our projects.
  • Talent Pool: Engaging students and faculty for fresh perspectives and skills

Dialogue with the Scientific Community

Maintaining a two-way dialogue with scientists and researchers ensures that our projects are grounded in the latest scientific findings and best practices.

  • Workshops and Webinars: Regular interactions to discuss emerging challenges and potential solutions.
  • Peer Reviews: Leveraging the expertise of the scientific community to validate and improve our solutions.

Join the Movement

We invite organizations, academia, and the scientific community to join us in our quest to drive meaningful change. By uniting under the banner of the UNSDGs and harnessing the power of open engineering, we can build a brighter, sustainable future.

  • Collaborate: Pitch a project, offer expertise, or share resources.
  • Engage: Attend our events, workshops, and webinars.
  • Support: Contribute funds, tools, or volunteer your time.

The challenges outlined by the UNSDGs are vast, but not insurmountable. Through the collective power of open engineering, combined with the expertise of our partners, academic collaborators, and the broader scientific community, Helpful Engineering is dedicated to making a tangible difference.

Join us on this transformative journey.