Brand Guide

Brand Guide & Usage of Logo

The Helpful brand is more than a logo and brandmark. It is a visual system that works to convey a consistent message in all of it’s endeavors.

Helpful represents a collaborative effort to respond to the current crisis and our collective condition.

The design reflects the core values of Helpful. Its message is refined, organized, elevated, and alludes to a multifaceted origin.

Please Do Not Alter

Helpful logomark is fixed artwork. It may not be altered or recreated in any way.

Alterations to the “Helpful” brandmark are prohibited.


Clear Space & Logo Sizing

Helpful logomark and additional marks should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space.

Incorrect Uses

When using Helpful marks, the following rules should be adhered to at all times. For clarity, the Helpful brandmark has been used to illustrate these points.