COVID Resources

About this Resource

The purpose of this page is to share tools, learnings and support to groups acting locally to respond to the COVID-19 crisis around the Globe.

Some resources to get you started and inspired:

Clinical Needs Identification

How to go about it?

  • Reaching out to national/regional level health authorities  -> Requires direct and trustworthy communication 
  • Identifying existing needs platforms (e.g. GetUsPPE) -> Requires existence and reliability of such platform 
  • Directly reach out to medical staff and medical equipment consultants -> Requires significant volunteer manpower and reach out tools

Useful Resources

  • Guidelines for hospital reach-out

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Needs Fulfillment Plan Creation

How to go about it?

Obtaining devices/products from existing manufactures (local or abroad) -> Requires availability of products/ supply chain

Deploying local manufacturing of open source designs -> Requires existence of such products and manufacturing capacity

Useful Resources

Regulatory Clearing

How to go about it?

Reading through local regulation and guidelines -> Requires time and attention to detail

Consulting with local government, regulator or medical supply entity -> Requires having the connections

Useful Resources

Manufacturing Process

How to go about it?

Partner with existing manufacturers to leverage their facilities, workforce and QMS -> Requires research time (e.g. through medical equipment consultants, web search, local NGOs), existing capacity and availability

Set up a hub of re-allocated manufacturing capacity (e.g. 3D printers) -> Requires identification of the capacity, volunteers or resources to fund staffing and creation of a QMS

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Distribution & Logistics

How to go about it?

Establish partnership with local distributor/ logistics player -> Requires establishing partnerships and availability from distributors

Follow commercial approach to contract distribution services -> Requires funding

Funding Strategy

How to go about it?

Obtain government funding for the initiative

Apply for funding grants from larger institutions

Use crowd-funding mechanisms

Useful resources

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How You Can Help

At Helpful’s Cooperation department we’re looking for ways to engage with different countries in need for support.
Here are some ways we can support you:
→ Share technical designs and manufacturing support for PPE production
→ Provide guidance and resources on how to ramp up operations on the ground
→ Provide advice on how to navigate regulatory requirements for medical equipment
→ Understand your specific needs and match them with ongoing projects (or rally the community to create a new project to solve them)

Do you know someone who could use our support?
Let us know at [email protected].