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Event Details

The registration for Helpful’s help-India hackathon is live!

When: June 19-26th
Registration site:

Please feel free to add yourselves to the open channel if you would want to participate (either directly or peripherally). Outcomes: That oxygen and respirator prototypes are built. Teams that come up with the best design ideas will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Helpful for official product and project sponsorship.

1) Potential Product Designs
-Ideally 3D printed enabled
 • Avoid shipping difficulty
 • Design that can be printed locally 
 • Allows for design to be changed as needed
 1) Flow regulator 
 2) Splitter (tube or one combined unit)
 3) Cylinder stand

2) Budget
 -Need to be cognizant of local cost
 • Ex. $1 is about 75 rupees
 -Overall cost needs to be below 400 rupees 
 • To be viable in market space
 • ~$5.50 USD

3) Components
-Ideally would not require multiple components
 • Fit for usage and consumption
 -As minimal components as possible
 • Regulator and ventilator (2-3 components)
 • OR one component

4) Type of 3D Printing
-More informative as guideline, not really prescriptive
 -Cosmetic appearance 
 • Doesn’t need to be flashy
• Needs to be more functional
-Geometry dictated by the design
 -Possibly one design to fit all devices

5) All code must be checked in GitHub

6) Target Audience



june 19 (Saturday) - 26 (Saturday)(GMT-04:00)

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