Helpful Engineering places enormous value in the power of partnerships and alliances to build momentum and catalyze progress advancing novel ideas. Our community can support a variety of entities around the world including:

Entity Type How Helpful can Partner with you
Corporate Expand organizational sustainability needs boosting operational effectiveness, de-risking capital allocation decisions for product innovation and fostering expansion
Incubators and Accelerators Tackle well defined challenges curated against specific focus area
Product Developers and Distributors Deliver significant support for cost effective and improved R&D initiatives
Industry Sectors Develop cost effective improved core technologies and baseline systems benefiting all industry participants
Academic and Research Labs Add a substantial resource boost to R&D efforts
Government Agencies Provide national and regional governments the ability to realize goals within engineering, sustainability, and innovation
Population focused organizations (U.N., WHO, etc.) and NGOs Able to respond to crises by developing sustained engineering solutions
Community Organizations Collectivize community initiatives to allow for greater scalability, common engineering solutions, group purchasing, sharing of resources and best practices

Partner entities work with the Helpful community to:

Seed projects in the Helpful community in areas of interest

Research social impact challenges that can get solved via Helpful community project starts

Collaborate with Helpful community expert teams towards product development

Pick up finalized quality and risk assured reference projects for commercialization in the market

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