Project Spotlight: Tetra Four-Way Ventilator Splitter

A group of global volunteers are currently prototyping Tetra, a Four-Way Ventilator Splitter. This new splitter is intended to maximize the capacity of a single machine as a last resort solution for under-resourced hospitals by potentially allowing for the treatment of two to four patients at once from a single ventilator.

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People of Helpful: Jamie Waters

Jamie Waters is a Helpful Engineering volunteer who serves as the project manager for Tetra. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaime started working on Tetra, which is a four-way ventilator splitter. In this interview, he discusses how he got involved in Helpful Engineering and explains how Tetra works.

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Project Spotlight: OpenVent-Bristol

In March 2020, a team of U.K. volunteers created an open-source ventilator design, the OpenVent-Bristol project. Soon afterward, a team of U.S. volunteers found that design and began working on it. And so, the Offset Ventilator project, incubated under Helpful Engineering, was born. In recent weeks, these teams have come together to work on the ventilator, under the name OpenVent-Bristol.

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Project Spotlight: Apollo Oxygen Concentrator

Volunteers were inspired by how the Apollo-13 crew overcame potential catastrophic failure of an oxygen tank. Responding to the challenge of Covid-19, anyone can build this oxygen concentrator design at home as a life-saving device with commonly available materials.

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Project Update: Reach4Help

The highly-anticipated web app for Reach4Help, a project that aims to facilitate support requests for identified people in need through verified volunteers, has finally launched.

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Project Spotlight: Project Data

Project Data has two parallel projects. First, solve the COVID-19 related shortage of medical supplies and PPE. Second, provide a long-term solution to ongoing issues in the global supply chain for this equipment. The team built a location-specific prediction modeling system for supplies that are needed at any given time. Ultimately, they hope that the system will allow supplies to be continuously manufactured and distributed as needed to prevent future shortages.

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Project Update: MakerMask

From its humble beginnings of a lifelong backpacker realizing the need for better DIY mask instructions in the new age of COVID-19, MakerMask provides a trusted voice for science on mask materials, designs, and use.

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Project Spotlight: Open Source 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swab

For high-volume COVID-19 testing to take place, a high volume of nasopharyngeal swabs will be required. In order to meet the need, some groups are 3D-printing swabs to use in place of traditional swabs. This project team is designing a 3D-printable swab that they hope to have evaluated for safety and compatibility with testing kits and later, for clinical trials.

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