Partnering with Helpful, a non-aligned non-profit entity with global reach, can help boost development and deployment of important sustainability and growth initiatives, either as an extension of your organization or in conjunction with your in-house teams. 

 Helpful has led the way in the following development areas:

  • Rapid crisis solutions: Engineered equipment: PPE, oxygen concentrators, vents, and other COVID medical needs rapidly deployed to address the crisis across regions
  • Scaling community improvement: Organizing improvement initiatives (e.g. healthcare, broadband) for up-and-coming communities across regions for scale, group purchasing, shared resources, and organizational effectiveness
  • New specifications development: Development of a new robust supply chain and procurement specification to address current systemic domestic and international failings

Helpful benefits and generates value for a variety of entities around the world, including:

  • Government agencies: providing national and regional governments the ability to realize national goals around engineering, sustainability, and innovation
  • Academic and research labs: working with R&D, Helpful can add a substantial resource boost to research efforts
  • Population-focused organizations (U.N., WHO, etc.) and NGOs: ability to develop crisis and sustained engineering solutions to population and regional needs
  • Industry sectors: create cheaper and improved core technologies and baseline systems benefiting all industry participants
  • Corporate: innovating on individual organizational sustainability needs boosting operational effectiveness and fostering expansion
  • Community: collectivizing individual community initiatives to allow for greater scalability, common engineering solutions, group purchasing, sharing of resources and best practices
  • Incubators and Accelerators: tackling specific identified problems and challenged for their focus area
  • Funding groups: solving specific challenges to boost respective missions and goals

Helpful works with organizations to source, solve, and deploy problems-solutions:


  • Partnering entities can source to the Helpful community specific high-impact defined problems of interest to generate innovative solutions
  • Helpful brings its large global engineering expert community to collaboratively address and solve challenges and needs cases
  • Working together, Helpful and its partner entities can utilize the developed solutions to realize the potential of rapid deployment and potential commercialization.

 Please contact Helpful at [email protected] to learn more about how Helpful can benefit your organization.