SCIS Framework


The COVID pandemic revealed vulnerabilities in global supply chains that resulted from the lack of a communications infrastructure between supply and its stakeholders. In response, NIST’s cyber-physical systems leaders, HELPFUL, academics at Saint Joseph’s University, University of New Mexico, University of Toulouse, and others, have collaborated on the development of a supply chain framework that:

  • Provides conceptual foundations for supply and is capable of notifying the parties, involved in a contract, when disruptions in the supply chain may derail the fulfillment of terms – in real-time
  • Recommends alternative fulfillment options that meet the negotiated terms (quantity, specifications, arrival, price, logistics, etc.)
  • Harnesses AI (pattern recognition trained by large datasets) and ML (reasoning) to rapidly generate actionable insights
  • Given the magnitude of post-disaster recovery, whether man-made or natural and the complexity of interdependencies, this framework will seek to deliver a new paradigm in terms of agility, transparency, stakeholder trust and resilience.

Program Literature

Pre-read documentation and the working papers behind the SCIS Framework can be accessed through: