Board of Trustees

 Rebeca SaCouto (@Rebeca SáCouto)

Stuart Cobbe (@Stu-co)

Mark Xu (@Mark Xu)

Brian Finch (@Brian)


Co-CEO, Benjamin Treuhaft (@BenT)

Co-CEO, Khadija Ameen (@Khadija)

Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Arluk (@Andy Arluk)

Chief Operating Officer, James Butler (@Prime)

Chief Financial Officer, Seth Manoff (@SethManoff)

Deputy Director of Operations, Craig Sharp (@Craig Sharp)

Deputy Director of Operations, Afsaneh Samari (@Affie)

International Cooperation Department
Serves as the gateway between the Helpful  community & organisation and the efforts undertaken on the ground in each country.

International Cooperation Co-Director, Brian Finch (@Brian)

International Cooperation Co-Director, Rebeca SaCouto (@Rebeca SáCouto)

Innovation Department
Supports the development life cycle of all projects and products, including hardware, software, and services.

Innovation Co-Director, Jim Kingsberg (@Jim K)

Scrum of Scrums Master – Hardware, Stephen Reed (@Stephen Reed)

Scrum of Scrums Master – Non-Medical Software, Menaka Arumainathan (@Menaka Arumainathan)

Scrum of Scrums Master – Project Data, Nathan Parker (@Nathan Parker)

Scrum of Scrums Master – Training+Education, Ken Harlan (@apfxfilms)

Scrum of Scrums Master – Fabric Masks, Dave Wang (@Dave Wang)

Organizational Support
Supports the Development Teams as well as the rest of Helpful by providing Cross-cutting Support, tools and resources to enable the execution of work.

Organisational Support Co-Director, Barry Watkins (@Barry Watkins)

DevOps Team Lead, Dave Mangot (@dmangot)

QA Lead, Pierre Lonchampt (@pierre lonchampt)

Medical Board Team Lead, Densearn Seo (@Densearn Seo)

HR Team Lead, Tim Sietman (Acting) (@Tim Sietman)

Recruiting Team Lead, Tim Sietman (Acting) (@Tim Sietman)

Comms Team Lead, Megg Sohn (@Megg Sohn)

Comms Team, Social Media Lead, Linda Yan (@Linda Yan)

Comms Team, Blog Team Lead, Tif Ho (@Tif Ho)

Comms Team, Blog Writer, Social Media, Jordan Green (@Jordan Green)

Comms Team, Blog Writer, Social Media, Sophia Li (@Sophia Li)

Comms Team, Blog Writer, Andrew Bui (@Andrew)

Comms Team, Hubspot, Email, Staci Cretu (@Staci Cretu)

Community Engagement
Manages the project review and selection Process and supporting project ecosystem, moderates the slack community, oversees the on boarding of new members and stimulates community engagement through special events.

Community Engagement Co-Director, JuLee Burdekin (@julee)

Project Registry & Selection Team Lead, JuLee Burdekin (@julee)

Onboarding Team Lead, Tiana Groseva (@Tiana Groseva)