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3. Introduce yourself on the #introductions channel.

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Fabricate Equipment

If you have fabrication equipment, and want to help with producing supplies and equipment please fill out this form.

These resources are then listed in the Manufacturers Database.

Resources include personal protective equipment to parts for ventilators.

Volunteer Opportunities Board

Be Helpful
Below are key points from the Helpful Volunteer Agreement.

You can find the full Volunteer Agreement here.

Thank You for Volunteering!  As a contributor to the community, remember that you are a volunteer, not an employee. Helpful volunteers are not entitled to compensation.

Code of Conduct. While participating in the Helpful community, you must follow our basic behavior standards, including our rules against discrimination. 

You Own Your Content.  You own and are responsible for your contributions to the Helpful community.  Unless you have consent, you may not post someone else’s content to the Helpful community.

Commitment to Open Source. Although you own what you contribute, all content developed or prepared by the Helpful community must be offered to the public using an open-source license compliant with the Helpful Licensing Guide, which is available at

Using Helpful Resources. To ensure that it remains open-source and properly credited, all Helpful Work Product must be maintained on and reflected in a Helpful-designated and maintained repository.  We strongly prefer that you use Helpful Resources where provided, including the then-current Helpful-designated tool for communication (as of the effective date of this Agreement, Slack).

DCMA/Takedown Procedures. If you believe someone has wrongfully posted your intellectual property, follow our DCMA takedown procedures.