Water Security

Helpful Engineering's commitment to water security it's an embodiment of our dedication to realizing the UNSDGs

Water, the essence of life, is fundamental to achieving many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Ensuring clean water and sanitation (Goal 6) forms the basis of a larger vision that also influences health, wellbeing, and sustainable ecosystems. Helpful Engineering’s commitment to water security is not just a response to a growing global challenge; it’s an embodiment of our dedication to realizing the UNSDGs. Through pioneering open engineering solutions, we aim to guarantee that every individual, community, and nation has access to safe and secure water, resonating with the essence of the global goals set by the UNSDGs.

Why Water Security Matters

  • Human Wellbeing: Access to clean water is fundamental to health, sanitation, and nutrition.
  • Economic Prosperity: Every sector, from agriculture to industry, relies on water. Secure water resources can pave the way for sustainable economic growth.
  • Environmental Balance: Healthy water ecosystems sustain biodiversity and are crucial in regulating the planet’s climate and hydrological cycles.
    Social Equity: Ensuring equitable access to water can reduce societal disparities and conflicts.

Areas of Focus

Energy-efficient desalination

Develop low-cost and energy-efficient desalination technologies to provide clean drinking water in water-scarce regions.

Water quality monitoring and testing

Design affordable and portable devices for real-time water quality monitoring and testing, enabling communities to identify and address water contamination issues.

Wastewater treatment and reuse

Create innovative and cost-effective solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment and recycling, helping to conserve water resources and reduce pollution.

Smart water management

Develop IoT-based solutions for intelligent water management, such as leak detection, smart metering, and demand-based water distribution systems.

Solar-powered water pumping

Design energy-efficient, solar-powered water pumping systems for off-grid communities to improve access to clean water and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Rainwater harvesting

Create innovative rainwater harvesting and storage solutions to help communities capture, store, and utilize rainwater effectively, reducing pressure on existing water sources.

Flood prevention and management

Develop advanced flood prediction, prevention, and management systems to minimize the impact of floods on vulnerable communities.

Aquifer recharge techniques

Design novel techniques to enhance aquifer recharge and improve groundwater availability, particularly in areas facing water scarcity.

Micro-hydropower systems

Develop low-cost, community-based micro-hydropower systems to provide clean, renewable energy for rural and off-grid communities.

Plastic waste reduction in water bodies

Design innovative solutions to prevent plastic waste from entering water bodies, and develop efficient methods for cleaning up existing plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Calls to Action

  • Collaborate: Do you have a novel idea or solution aligned with our areas of focus? Join us and help co-create a water-secure future.
  • Support: Financial backing or in-kind contributions can significantly amplify our impact. Consider investing in a water-secure future.
  • Engage: Attend our workshops, seminars, and brainstorming sessions. Your insights and feedback are invaluable.
  • Spread the Word: Share our mission and achievements with your network to increase awareness and inspire action.